Pastor Glenn

My heart is to be a true pastor to God’s people. I want to preach the truth of God’s Word in its entirety, but I also want to minister to God’s people. In my 27 years of ministry, I have always viewed being a minister as being a shepherd to God’s sheep. A shepherd’s responsibility is to care for the sheep, to feed the sheep, to protect the sheep, and to lead the sheep. That is the way I have viewed my role as pastor of Paper Mill Road Baptist Church for almost 13 years now. God has blessed me with a group of people at Paper Mill that trusted me to be their pastor, even though it was my first pastorate. They have loved me and encouraged me and prayed for me ever since.

 I have been in bi-vocational ministry all 27 years of ministry. However, God has blessed me to semi-retire from my full-time vocation last year and to be able to focus more on ministry, which is my heart and desire. God has blessed me with my wife Laura as we celebrate our 30th anniversary next year. He has also blessed us with 3 grown children: Sarah, who is our worship leader at Paper Mill and a full-time elementary school teacher; Austin, who is married and in seminary at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina; and David, who in a senior at Georgia Tech.

 I would love to meet you and your family. We are a small church and seeking to follow God’s leading as we transition and change to do the unique work that God has given us to do in our community. God is truly doing “a new thing” at Paper Mill. I would love for you to be a part of it!